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Choosing the right project director and prime contractor can be difficult. Like most on-call professionals, you probably will not get to meet them until you have an appointment scheduled. While many share expertise and approaches, each firm can have its own qualifications, experiences, processing, and reporting methods — and yes, different pricing.

Those differences matter for your bottom line. Comprehensive construction development and property conditions assessments (PCAs) depend heavily on the individual contractor’s own effort, technical training, and expertise. At ISRE, we deliver top-notch project direction in Southern California by structuring our operations around lean, effective planning. Our team never settles when your money and property are on the line. We work hard to maintain our skills and pair them with an unrelenting dedication to your success. Some highlights of our experience and qualifications include:

  • Mechanical and Structural Engineering, Since 1978
  • Mechanical Projects and Quality Assurance Management (ISO 9000) Director, Since 1985
  • Construction Projects Director, Prime Contractor, Property Conditions Assessments (PCA), and Safety (OSHA), Since 1994
  • Licensed and Bonded General Builder by State of California (CSLB), Since 2009
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent, by State of California, Since 2006
  • Certified Six-Sigma (Lean Operations) Champion, Since 1985
  • Certified Six-Sigma (Lean Operations) Master Blackbelt, Since 1995
  • Certified Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Since 1994
  • Certified Master Inspector (CMI), Since 2009
  • Certified Indoor Air Consultant, Since 2009
  • Certified Radon Detection, Since 2009
  • Certified Mold Detection, Since 2009
  • Certified for ServSafe by National Restaurant Association, Since 2004
  • Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Committee, Since 1985
  • Member of International Structural Engineering and Construction Society (ISEC) Committee, Since 1985
  • Member of International Code Council (ICC) Committee, Since 2009

Experience our commitment for yourself. Let us lend a hand with construction, inspection, and real estate services today. No matter the scale or scope of the project, you deserve the best leadership in the business.

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